AI-Asset Reservation

Revolutionize your hospital's MRI scheduling with our AI-powered solution. Predict exam duration and optimize MRI slots, ensuring efficient resource allocation and reducing patient wait times.

Maximize resource utilization and streamline patient care, reducing delays in MRI appointments.

  • Challenges of High Value Asset Reservations

    Overwhelming Increase in MRI Exams: Hospitals are experiencing a surge of MRI screenings, posing significant challenges in terms of capacity, time, and resources.

    Budgetary Constraints: The high cost of purchasing MRI machines, coupled with space limitations, presents a barrier to hospitals' ability to adopt new equipment and meet the growing demand.

  • Introducing IndoorPlus+ AI-Asset Reservation

    Predicting Exam Duration: Our system predicts the duration of each patient's MRI exam, allowing for more accurate scheduling and reducing delays in the diagnostic process.

    Optimizing Test Scheduling:We analyze and classify test scheduling and time-related data using machine learning-based scheduling recommendation algorithms to ensure each MRI slot is used efficiently.

  • Main Benefits of IndoorPlus+ AI-Asset Reservation

    Increased Efficiency :Hospitals can operate more efficiently, reducing the delays in outpatient diagnosis and shortening inpatient bed days, ensuring that patients receive timely care.

    Improved Revenue: Hospitals that have embraced our system have witnessed a significant >9.5% increase in MRI exams, resulting in a direct revenue boost.

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