Entrance Management

Our IoT Entrance Management Solution enhances patient safety and administrative efficiency in special wards by providing real-time access control and electronic attendance records.

Experience improved patient safety and streamlined administrative tasks, minimizing infectious disease risks and reducing the administrative burden on healthcare staff.

  • Challenges of Entrance Management

    Vulnerable Patients: Patients in sterile wards, particularly those undergoing treatments like leukemia, are highly susceptible to infectious diseases.

    Infection Prevention Requirements: Aseptic wards require a higher level of prevention measures and require strict controls to safeguard patient safety.

  • Introducing IndoorPlus+ Entrance Management Solution

    Real-time Access Control: Our solution issues access tags for patients, caregivers, and medical staff to access sterile isolation units, automatically generating access logs.

    Electronic Attendance Register: By automating the attendance register through real-time movement location tracking, the administrative burden on medical staff is reduced.

  • Main Benefits of IndoorPlus+ Entrance Management

    Enhanced Patient Safety: The solution compensates for access control loopholes, ensuring that only authorized users can enter sterile isolation units, minimizing infectious disease risks.

    Streamlined Administrative Tasks: : The electronic attendance register reduces administrative burdens on healthcare staff, simplifying record-keeping.

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