Remote Patient Monitoring

Revolutionize healthcare through remote patient monitoring with the power of IoT and AI. Monitor patients' vital signs, lifelogs, and overall health in real time, bridging the gap between medical facilities and the comfort of their homes.

Empowers patients for independent living, offers healthcare professionals real-time insights, enables early detection, improves healthcare outcomes, and provides peace of mind to patients and families.

  • Challenges of Remote Patient Monitoring

    Managing Multifaceted Home Health Devices: Coordinating various in-home medical devices can be challenging. Activating, adding, and managing multiple devices can be cumbersome for patients and healthcare providers.

    Integrating Lifelog Data: Collecting non-medical lifelog data, such as seniors' daily activities, frailty indicators, and cognitive performance, is a complex task.

    Utilizing Data for Personalized Care: Extracting meaningful insights from wealth of data to provide personalized care services for elderly individuals poses a significant challenge.

  • Introducing IndoorPlus+ Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

    Streamlined Device Management: Offers efficient 1:N multi-digital device management for patients at home, simplifying device activation, addition, and management.

    Comprehensive Lifelog Data Collection:Seamlessly collects non-medical lifelog data from seniors, enabling development of senior index health metrics for various aspects

    Personalized Care Insights:Health status is linked and shared with caregivers. This allows them to offer with personalized care services tailored to the individual's needs.

  • Main Benefits of IndoorPlus+ Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

    Improved Elderly Care: The integration of real-life patterns and emotional states enables a deeper understanding of senior biometrics, leading to better healthcare decisions.

    Advanced Health Predictions: By analyzing data correlations with machine learning and deep learning modeling, our solution enhances health outcome predictions.

    Data-Driven Healthcare Solutions: Collect unprecedented data, integrate with existing EMR and derive valuable insights, providing data-driven healthcare solutions.

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