Fall Prevention Solution

Our IoT Fall Prevention Solution revolutionizes healthcare safety with proactive fall risk management, ensuring patient well-being and reducing the occurrence of falls.

Experience enhanced patient safety and healthcare quality by continuously monitoring fall risk, delivering targeted education, and integrating IoT technology for real-time assistance.

  • Challenges and Risk of Patient Falls in Hospitals

    High incidence of falls: Falls accounted for almost half of all 44% patient safety incidents.

    Numerous risk factors: Falls are linked to internal factors (illness, medications) and external factors (physical environments).

    Inadequate fall prevention: Traditional methods lack real-time risk reassessment and struggle with the effectiveness of fall detection mats and body restraints.

  • Introducing IndoorPlus+ Fall Prevention Solution

    Ongoing fall risk assessment: Real-time, continuous monitoring of patients' fall risk.

    Personalized fall prevention: Tailored education, monitoring of risk behaviors, and integrated IoT technology.

    AI-powered reassessment: Reevaluate fall risk, adapt interventions, and enhance patient-specific fall prevention.

  • Main Benefits of IndoorPlus+ Fall Prevention Solution

    Reduced falls and injuries: Proactive prevention minimizes fall occurrences and related injuries.

    Improved patient engagement: Automated education and real-time monitoring engage patients and caregivers.

    Enhanced safety and care: IoT integration, including a help request button and fall risk detection mats, elevates patient care quality.

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