Medical Device Monitoring

IndoorPlus+ Medical Device Monitoring Solution ensures seamless integration and real-time connection of multiple medical devices, enabling seamless data sharing such as IVR injection monitoring.

Experience enhanced patient safety, efficient care, and streamlined medical device management, reducing the risk of complications and improving patient and staff satisfaction

  • Challenges of Medical Device Monitoring

    Silos in Device Management: Hospitals struggle with medical device isolation, hindering coordination and data sharing.

    Patient Safety: For example, accurate control of IV fluid amount and speed is vital to prevent accidents.

  • Introducing IndoorPlus+ Medical Device Monitoring Solution (example IVR Infusion)

    Holistic Device Integration: Our IoT Medical Device Monitoring Solution connects medical devices, enabling seamless data sharing and IVR injection monitoring.

    Real-Time Alerts: Through Bluetooth connectivity, the solution monitors IV infusion speed and fluid amounts, providing immediate alarms for any issues.

  • Main Benefits of IndoorPlus+ Medical Device Monitoring

    Enhanced Patient Safety: Accurate IVR injection monitoring prevents accidents, ensuring precise control of fluid amounts and infusion speed.

    Streamlined Care: Real-time monitoring and immediate alerts improve patient safety and staff coordination, making patient care more efficient.

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