Pain Management

Our Pain Management Solution is a comprehensive approach to managing pain in cancer patients, utilizing IoT and AI technology to offer real-time monitoring and control.

Ensures timely and personalized pain relief, empowering high pain patients to improve their quality of life and overall treatment experience.

  • Challenges of the pain management dilemma

    Subjective Pain Expression: Pain quantification relies heavily on patients' subjective expressions, complicating consistent and efficient management.

    Treatment Efficiency: Pain management can be optimized by real-time monitoring and personalized care, especially for cancer patients.

  • Introducing IndoorPlus+ Pain Management Solution

    Continuous Pain Assessment: Routine pain assessments during admission, enabling comprehensive documentation and observation of pain sites and characteristics.

    Patient-Driven Monitoring: Our IoT pain buttons empower patients to self-report their pain levels at their convenience, allowing for continuous monitoring.

    Efficient Medication Management: Real-time data enables swift adjustments in pain medication, improving treatment outcomes.

  • Main Benefits of IndoorPlus+ Pain Management Solution

    Patient Empowerment:Patients actively participate in pain assessment, fostering a sense of control and collaboration in their care.

    Optimized Pain Control: Real-time monitoring ensures timely pain relief, enhancing overall comfort and reducing potential side effects.

    Improved Quality of Care: Streamlined pain management benefits both patients and healthcare providers, leading to more efficient and personalized cancer care.

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