Outpatient-Flow Optimization

IndoorPlus+ Outpatient Flow Optimization Solution records and analyzes patient movements in real-time, allowing hospitals to efficiently manage outpatient congestion and enhance the patient experience.

Experience improved patient care and resource allocation, ensuring reduced wait times and proactive congestion management.

  • The Importance of Outpatient Flow Optimization

    Outpatient Congestion: Hospitals often face overcrowding and long outpatient wait times.

    Real-Time Monitoring Challenge: Hospital management aims to optimize outpatient flow but struggles to record movement and wait times in real time.

  • Introducing IndoorPlus+ Outpatient Flow Optimization

    Real-Time Data Insights: IndoorPlus+ Outpatient Flow Optimization Solution provides real-time monitoring of outpatient movements by department, generating visual insights such as "Outpatient Congestion Heat Maps."

    Proactive Management: Hospitals can proactively manage congestion and streamline outpatient workflows by using these visual insights.

  • Main Benefits of IndoorPlus+ Outpatient Flow Optimization

    Efficient Resource Allocation: Real-time data enables efficient resource allocation and reduces outpatient wait time.

    Enhanced Patient: Accurate tracking leads to improved patient experiences as they are efficiently directed and experience fewer delays.

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