Cold Chain Monitoring

IndoorPlus+ Cold Chain Monitoring System ensures precise temperature control in healthcare facilities, safeguarding medications and supplies.

Experience cost savings, regulatory compliance, and enhanced patient safety with proactive temperature monitoring.

  • The Criticality of Cold Chain Monitoring

    Hospitals grapple with critical challenges due to absence of reliable temperature monitoring systems for freezers and refrigerators.

    Risks include medication spoilage, compliance issues, and compromised patient safety, as well as operational inefficiencies.

  • Introducing IndoorPlus+ Cold Chain Monitoring System

    The IndoorPlus+ solution deploys sensors and data collection devices strategically in freezers and refrigerators

    It continuously monitors temperature and operational parameters.

    Collected data is promptly analyzed and acted upon in a centralized monitoring system.

  • Main Benefits of IndoorPlus+ Cold Chain Monitoring

    Cost Savings: Early detection prevents costly medication spoilage.

    Workflow Efficiency: Automation frees staff time for critical tasks.

    Safety and Compliance: Ensures patient safety and regulatory compliance.

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