The Heart of our Tech

One Healthcare IoT Platform + Many plug & play applications

Uniting medical staff, patients, and operations through seamless data exchange, the IndoorPlus+ SmartCare Platform serves as a central AI-powered hub, converting real-time location, environmental, and medical device IoT data into practical insights that boost hospital efficiency, clinical success, and patient care experience.

Simple, Cost-effective, Powerful Solution

IndoorPlus+ SmartCare is now available to streamline processes, ultimately improving the quality of medical care and clinical outcomes with simple, cost-effective, and powerful solutions.

  • Deployment flexibility

    run on premise, public or private cloud

  • No data silos

    breakdown data barriers between application to promote data flows

  • Highly scalable

    Start small with one application, then expand as needed

  • Interoperable

    bi-directional integration with external systems, ensuring dynamic data flow

  • Secured Framework

    Ensuring data protection, privacy and data access control

  • Reliable

    Consistently perform as expected

  • Open Architecture

    avoiding proprietary lock-in.

  • AI Powered

    Integrated with cutting-edge AI technologies like ML

Solution Architecture

Our IndoorPlus+ architecture offers a flexible and scalable framework for implementing multiple applications, accommodating diverse use cases.
It features a unified backend and core software platform that simplifies integration and data management.

Streamlines the deployment of geolocation and monitoring solutions, enabling seamless adaptation to various scenarios, while optimizing existing infrastructure in healthcare settings.


Asset tracking & Utilization Patient Monitoring Flow optimization Other applications Staff safety Digital Wayfinding Med. Device Monitoring Contact tracing

On-Premise or Cloud

PLATFORM LAYER On-Premise or Cloud

loT/loMT/RTLS/LBS Platform

External systems APIs


BLE-enabled WiFi, BLE Gateways/Scanners

People, Objects and Sensors

TRACKED ELEMENTS People, Objects and Sensors

People Tags Asset Tags


Smart Devices Medical Devices
  • Application Layer

    Tailored to specific use cases, our IndoorPlus+ plattform offers web applications and mobile apps that deliver precise user functionalities and business logic to Medical Staff, Patients and any stakeholder.

  • Platform Layer

    The Platform Layer provides essential services, such as real-time data processing, location and AI algorithms, streaming and archival data storage, notification and alarm management, and support for APIs and protocols to integrate with other systems.

  • Collection Layer

    The Collection Point Devices (CPD) network consists often of BLE-enabled Wi-Fi access points or dedicated BLE scanners, maximizing use of existing infrastructure. It collects and forwards BLE signals from registered tags, Medical Devices or Smart Device to the back-end platform.

  • Tracked Elements

    Each item, asset, or individual requiring geolocation or monitoring is outfitted with a specific BLE Tag, chosen based on their use case and characteristics. Additionally, a smartphone or tablet can be configured to function as a "soft" BLE Tag when needed.

Real Time Location System (RTLS)

Leverage our RTLS for accurate, real-time tracking in complex environments where traditional location systems are impractical.

Benefit from improved asset utilization, enhanced safety, and increased operational efficiency with our RTLS technology.

  • Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) - Simplified

    Real-Time Tracking: RTLS instantly follows the location of people or assets equipped with active tags.

    Indoor Precision: Ideal for indoor environments where GPS can't reach, ensuring location accuracy where satellites fail.

    Advanced Radio Tech: Utilizes a network of tags, beacons, and gateways, applying multilateration to pinpoint locations accurately.

  • Efficient and Versatile IndoorPlus+ RTLS Solution with BLE Technology

    Quick & Easy: IndoorPlus+ uses BLE for speedy, precise indoor tracking that's a breeze to set up.

    Flexible Tags: Choose from a variety of BLE-Tag shapes to fit any need, all feather-light with super-long battery life.

  • Enhanced Data Privacy and Security

    Streamlined Data Flow: Scanners gather BLE signals to funnel through our RTLS server for efficient processing.

    Privacy First: Our RTLS gear tracks without prying into private info or precise locations.

    Safe Storage: We keep location details securely tucked away in the RTLS database.

Location Based Service

Our LBS tools turn smartphones into indoor guides for patients, visitors or even medical staff, helping them navigate buildings, find nearby services, and explore their surroundings with ease.

Digital wayfinding in hospitals helps streamline operations by reducing the time patients and visitors spend looking for locations, thereby decreasing congestion and improving the flow of foot traffic. Staff can navigate complex facilities more efficiently, which can lead to quicker response times and a more organized use of resources.

  • Comprehensive Indoor Navigation Solution

    Navigate Indoors with Ease: IndoorPlus+ LBS delivers clear indoor directions for both Android and iOS users.

    Real-Time Location Tech: Employs a mixed of several technology including BLE beacons to pinpoint and relay location info instantly.

    Complete Toolkit: Comes with a software developer kit (SDK) for app creation and a comprehensive admin platform for management tasks like mapping and geofencing.

  • Seamless High-Accuracy Location Tracking

    Mixed Tech Navigation: IndoorPlus+ blends Wi-Fi, BLE-beacon, and geomagnetic methods for sophisticated positioning.

    Smart Sensor Use: Boosts precision by tapping into the sensor data from user devices.

    Cutting-Edge Location: Uses step detection, map alignment, and route forecasting to fine-tune location pinpointing.

IoT and Sensor Data

BLE sensor technology supports various sensors for numerous parameters like temperature, light, humidity, air quality, movement, and vital signs monitoring, known for their robustness, ease of installation, and long-lasting battery life.

Indoorplus+ SmartCare platform combines fixed and mobile sensor data and AI analytics within a unified platform, enhancing data integration and management.

  • BLE Sensor Technology - Simplified

    BLE Sensor Technology and Data Transmission: BLE technology supports diverse, easy-to-install sensors with long battery life for monitoring environmental conditions and vital signs. It allows for real-time data transmission at intervals from 100 milliseconds to 10 seconds, suitable for extensive sensor networks.

  • Advantages of BLE Sensor Technology

    Real-Time Monitoring: BLE sensors enable ongoing monitoring with immediate updates, allowing quick reaction to changes in environmental conditions.

    Expandability: BLE sensors operate without the need for constant connections, allowing a single gateway to manage many sensors efficiently, which is ideal for location-based services.

    Seamless Data Consolidation: The Indoorplus+ system effectively combines data from both stationary and portable sensors, providing detailed analytics for various uses.

  • Examples of BLE Sensor Use in Healthcare

    Instant Health Monitoring: BLE sensors track vital signs like temperature and heart rate in real-time, aiding quick responses and accurate health assessments for patient care systems.

    Automated Environment Monitoring: These sensors control tasks such as keeping medications at the right temperature and adjusting patient room conditions for comfort.

    Protection for Patients and Staff: BLE technology includes emergency features like wearable SOS tags and movement monitoring to enhance safety.

    Hospital Hazard Detection: BLE sensors help ensure hospital safety by detecting dangers such as fires or gas leaks and alerting the central safety systems.

IndoorPlus+ SmartCare IoMT Platform

IndoorPlus+ SmartCare extends IoT into healthcare, introducing IoMT capabilities. It allows for the collection and centralization of data from medical services, streamlining it for easy recording in Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) or for quick communication to medical staff through summaries and alerts.

IndoorPlus+ bypasses scattered data storage and reduces dependence on specific systems to create an integrated platform. This makes managing and combining data easier, leading to a more efficient process for healthcare workers and better care for patients.

  • IndoorPlus+ SmartCare IoMT

    Enhanced Patient Monitoring: Continuous tracking of vital signs for improved healing insights and personalized recovery profiles.

    Data-Driven Care: Accumulating health data informs a deeper understanding of patient-specific healing processes.

    Empowered Caregiving: Constant monitoring reassures patients and caregivers, fostering trust in medical decisions. Access to ICU-level oversight at a reduced cost in standard care settings

  • PnT AI Lab driving AI Analytics

    Advanced data expertise: PnT AI Lab has gathered a team of specialists committed to applying AI techniques to Healthcare and IoT-related challenges, integrating AI algorithms into the IndoorPlus+ Smartcare system as needed. The lab leverages extensive big data analytics, deep learning, and machine learning processes

    Mathematical Innovation in AIoT: PnT AI Lab addresses challenges using a mathematical approach, aiming to innovate how data is analyzed and utilized. Positioned at the leading edge of the AIoT data services market, the lab specializes in Vision AI, Edge Device AI, and advanced database modeling to decipher the fundamental structure and context of data

    Data Protection and Compliance Our AIoT technology adheres to international standards ensuring the protection of personal information.

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