Digital Wayfinding

IndoorPlus+ LBS transforms hospital navigation, providing clear directions on mobile devices, ensuring efficient and stress-free journeys within healthcare facilities.

Experience enhanced patient satisfaction, reduced wait times, and improved operational efficiency, all while ensuring patients and staff easily find their way.

  • The Need for Wayfinding:

    Healthcare facilities often present complex layouts, causing stress and inefficiency for patients and staff.

    Inadequate wayfinding can lead to delays, frustration, and a poor healthcare experience.

  • Introducing the PnT Indoor Plus Wayfinding Solution:

    Our innovative solution addresses healthcare navigation challenges by providing real-time, intuitive directions.

    Compatible with Android and Apple iOS devices, it empowers users to confidently navigate hospitals and clinics.

  • Main Benefits of the PnT Smart Care Wayfinding Solution:

    Improved patient satisfaction as stress and frustration are reduced.

    Enhanced staff efficiency, ensuring more time for patient care.

    Streamlined workflow and minimized delays optimize operational efficiency.

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