Empowering Efficiency: A Unified Ecosystem for Seamless Technology Integration

Our software ecosystem enhances healthcare services by supporting a variety of hardware from different vendors and integrating seamlessly with key healthcare applications and IT systems. This leads to more efficient, connected operations and better patient care
Interoperability, cost effectiveness, innovation, compliance are some of the key drivers to develop our ecosystem.


  • Extending Wi-Fi access points with BLE capabilities

    IndoorPlus+ SmartCare prioritizes repurposing existing wireless networks in hospitals and clinics to implement our innovative software solutions more cost-effectively. By leveraging current infrastructure, we reduce the need for costly new hardware and installations. This approach extends the value of your investment by utilizing your wireless network to collect location and IoT data, thus avoiding extra BLE collection points.

  • Our strategic partnerships with industry leaders, including Cisco and HP-Aruba, empower us to integrate seamlessly with premier communication equipment. This collaboration ensures that our solutions are not only advanced but also cost-effective, driving down expenses while safeguarding your investments and delivering additional benefits.

  • PnT's experience allows for seamless interoperability with a wide range of standard wireless equipment, ensuring flexible connectivity across various network equipment vendors. Our innovative BLE solutions include the ability to repurpose existing CCTV and security cameras by attaching small USB BLE devices, thus expanding coverage and enhancing IoT data collection without additional hardware.

    For scenarios where Wi-Fi Access points' embedded BLE capabilities are unusable, PnT offers easy-to-install, cost-effective USB dongles that maintain connectivity and functionality.

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EcoSYSTEM – BLE Location or Multi-sensor Tags

  • Utilize BLE technology to avoid costly, restrictive proprietary devices.

    People and Technology collaborates with multiple vendors to provide a wide range of BLE tags tailored to meet diverse requirements. These tags come with various features, functionalities, and specifications designed for specific applications such as:

    BLE tags for tracking high-value mobile assets. BLE tags for medical equipment or devices. BLE tags designed for patients. BLE tags for medical staff. BLE multifunctional tags with multisensor capabilities

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    As an integral component of its Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) offerings, PnT continuously expands its interoperability with a growing array of devices that offer vital data on patient status.
    For an up-to-date list of equipment that works with our system, please contact us directly. Moreover, we offer bespoke integration services to incorporate additional equipment upon request, ensuring that our clients have access to a comprehensive, tailor-made IoMT solution.

    Healthcare Information Technology Providers

    PnT is constantly enhancing its integration and collaboration with vendors of critical healthcare IT systems such as Hospital Information Systems (HIS), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and various other specialized information systems.

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