Bedsore Intervention

Our IoT Bedsore Intervention Solution empowers healthcare providers to significantly reduce pressure ulcer rates and improve patient well-being through advanced digital protocols and automated record-keeping.

Experience enhanced patient care and decreased healthcare costs by automating skin assessments, improving pressure ulcer management, and preventing pressure ulcers with efficient education and intervention.

  • Risks of and Consequences of Bedsore

    Pressure Ulcer Impact: Pressure ulcers lead to pain, complications, extended hospital stays, increased healthcare costs, and a significantly higher risk of death if left untreated.

    Financial and Time Costs: Patients with pressure ulcers spend over 35 days longer in the hospital, resulting in more than twice the healthcare expenses and over 50% more nursing time

  • Introducing IndoorPlus+ Bedsore Intervention Solution

    Digital Protocols: Our IoT Bedsore Intervention Solution digitizes and smartens clinical protocols for pressure ulcer management, significantly reducing pressure ulcer rates.

    Automated Records: Our solution automates recording of skin assessments, tracking pressure ulcer risk areas, and improving classification of pressure ulcers using big data and AI.

    Pressure Ulcer Prevention: Automated delivery of education content to high-risk patients and caregivers, and utilization of a mobile app for basic pressure ulcer prevention interventions.

  • Main Benefits of IndoorPlus+ Ulcer Management

    Reduced Pressure Ulcer Rates: Digitized and automated protocols reduce pressure ulcer rates, enhancing patient well-being and decreasing healthcare costs.

    Efficient Records: Automated skin imaging and AI-driven classification improve skin assessments and pressure ulcer management, enhancing patient care.

    Education and Prevention: Automated delivery of educational content and pressure ulcer prevention interventions reduce the risk of pressure ulcers, ensuring patient safety and satisfaction.

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